Our vast archive includes almost every form of print. We're stocked with conversationals, ethnics, batiks, shibori, geos, abstracts, florals of every variation, stripes, plaids, textures, tropicals, foliage, dots, menswear, status prints, jaquards and skins. We also supply yarn dyes in stripes, prints and special plaids. 

Our archive also contains a variety of gorgeous garments, ranging from the Victorian era all the way up to the 1980s. We offer garments for shape, silhouette, draping and tailoring. We also have an array of pieces that exemplify different fabric manipulation techniques, including applique, beading, special lace, crewelwork, cutouts, soutache and embroidery. 



Our collection is available through private appointments at your office, our office in New York, or at our home base in Philadelphia.
We travel throughout the US and Europe to meet with clients, and we take particular pride in curating a specific collection for every appointment. 
Our pieces inspire new seasons, enhance color palettes and bulk up current deliveries. 


You can also find us at industry markets and tradeshows, including the following:




Our partnership with Printfresh Studio, a leading original artwork studio, allows us to offer a full array of textile design services.
Let us help take your vintage finds to the next stage of product development.


Large Format Scanning
We offer quick and seamless wide-format scanning services. We specialize in the scanning of fabrics, vintage swatches, wallpaper, hand-painted designs and fine art; up to ¾” thick & 56” wide. We can complete a single scan or digitize your entire archive of artwork.  

One of the biggest drawbacks to working with vintage can be the lack of a digital file. But with the help of our CAD team, walking away with a Photoshop or Illustrator file is possible! We can keep the artwork as-is, or make design modifications as per your direction. Our talented team can remove motifs, create new ones, change the scale and add or reduce colors - speeding up the process involved with using Vintage Artwork.

Our team can put any design into repeat for you. We're skilled at straight repeats, half-drops and border designs, and our quick turnaround time makes it easy for you to meet your deadlines.

Original Artwork Development
Sometimes vintage is just a launching pad for an exploration of a theme. Our experienced designers can create original artwork that is inspired by the vintage pieces that speak to your client base. Our textile design expertise and quick turnaround make this process timely and convenient.